V4 / VALUES / DN 2017

Project V4 / VALUES / DN 2017  is a continuation of the projects based on cooperation between Divadelná Nitra Association and art institutions, theatres, artists and foreign cultural institutes of V4 and EaP countries.

It is a structured project with the intent to develop communication, networking, cultural exchange, presentation and artistic reflection in choose geopolitical space.


Parts of the project:






The most important part of the project, V4@THEATRE CRITICS RESIDENCY (in 2017, it will be the 3rd year), is focused on supporting the contacts among theatre critics from the selected countries and on development of critical reflection across the Central and Eastern Europe.

In 2017, there will be 14 selected critics from the V4 and EaP countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia and Armenia), for the last time under the leadership of the renowned theatre critic and theoretician Patrice Pavis (France).

The workshop of the critics will take place during the International Festival Divadelná Nitra (September 22–27, 2017); the productions from Slovakia and abroad presented at the festival will form the basis for critical reflection and teamwork.

V4 THEATRE PRESENTATION will be a presentation of theatre works from the V4 countries and from the selected EaP countries at the International Festival Divadelná Nitra. The workshop participants will also contribute to better information and knowledge about the given area with their lectures about the state of performing art in their countries.

Film screenings on the theme of the festival have been a component of the festival since its origin. In the section V4 FILM PRESENTATION, we are planning to show the productions and co-productions from the V4 countries and from the selected EaP countries.

Within the V4 NETWORKING / REMINISCENCES, the organizers of the festival would like to help establishing partnerships and networks among the present guests and performing artists. A component of the meetings will be also a reminiscence of the basic facts from the festival´s history which are as well connected with the cooperation of V4 countries.

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