“Cultural activities have undergone a shift from production to or for audiences to creation with audiences.”

(The Art of With, Charles Leadbeater, 2009)

The Be SpectACTive! Project was created in December 2014. It is a large-scale European cooperation project co-funded by the EU’s Creative Europe Programme focusing on the field of performing arts, where it endeavours to foster audience involvement in creative processes by means of artistic production and other participative activities.

December 2018 saw the beginning of the second edition of this internationally acclaimed project. Pursuing the project’s two lines of focus (production and research),itcontinues to support audience engagement and experimentation in the European context by means of the following project outputs:

  • creation of 15 new theatre and dance works in international collaboration;
  • creation of 50 local engaged audience groups, who will participate in dramaturgical and management activities (over the upcoming 4 years, their 1 500 members will select more than 350 works);
  • creation of 4 European community projects – site-specific projects that will join communities across 8 European locations in an artistic co-production;
  • 4 years of the European Audience Day – a community event connecting audiences across Facebook;
  • research evaluating the efficacy of engagement activities;
  • 4 international conferences focused on publishing the research results;
  • meetings and many other networking activities.

The Be SpectACTive! Partner network joins 19 organisations across 18 cities and 15 European countries: Kilowatt Festival (IT) – project leader –  Artemrede (PT), Bakelit Multi Art Center (HU), brut (AT), BUDA (BE), CdAT – Café de las Artes Teatro (ES), Domino (HR),  Dublin Theatre Festival (IE), Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival (SE), SKCNS – Institution Student Cultural Centre of Novi Sad (RS), International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra (SK), Plesni Teater Ljubljana (SI), Occitanie en scène (FR), Tanec Praha (CZ), Teatrul National Radu Stanca Sibiu (RO). The project research is conducted by:  Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (IT), Universitat de Barcelona (ES), Université de Montpellier (FR) a CNRS (FR).

For more information about the project, please visit: http://www.bespectactive.eu

Be SpectACTive 2! is an international project organised by Association Divadelná Nitra and other partners in 2018 – 2022 that follows on a successful project of the same name. Its goals include audience activation and development by methods of participative dramaturgy and management, support of artistic production, execution of international coproduction projects, creative residencies, audience work research, networking and exchange of information and experience on an international scale.

By taking part in the project, Association Divadelná Nitra has joined a network of 19 prominent European partners – important cultural and scientific institutions, namely: Bakelit Multi Art Center (HU), Domino, Zagreb (HR), Teatrul National Radu Stanca Sibiu (RO), Tanec Praha (CZ), Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (IT), Universitat de Barcelona (ES), Université de Montpellier (FR), CNRS (FR), ‘National Centre for Scientific Research’, Dublin Theatre Festival (IE), Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival (SE), arts centre BUDA in Kortrijk (BE), Brut in Wien (AT), Institution Student Cultural Centre of Novi Sad (SCCNS), Plesni Teater Ljubljana (SI) CdAT – Café de las Artes Teatro (ES), Artemrede (PT), Réseau en Scène Languedoc – Roussillon (FR). The institutions are overseen by the project leader, CapoTrave cultural association – the organiser of Kilowatt Festival (IT).

During the first edition of the project, we will develop the principles of participative dramaturgy primarily through the recently formed Audience Programme Board – a group of Nitra residents who will have an advisory role in the creation of the festival programme. These project activities support communal life in Nitra and build their sense of responsibility for local cultural life. The Audience Programme Board will offer locals an opportunity to take part in the process of programme selection, acquaint them with the festival from the ‘inside’, allow them to express their opinion and debate and confront these with festival organisers. On the other hand, it will allow the festival’s Artistic Board to reflect on the views of one of the primary target groups.

Future editions of the project will have further interesting outputs: 2 international productions, creative residences of teams at partner institutions abroad, network meetings, external activity of foreign artistic teams during local creative residencies, and many more.