During the festival, the How to Understand Theatre project will run in parallel in its traditional form, which takes place this year for the tenth year in a row. Following the spring section, which included the productions The Good and Jánošík staged by the Andrej Bagar Theatre, this time around, creative workshops, discussions with authors and theorists over the course of two days in the presence of high school and university students from Nitra will centre on a production from the main pro-gramme of Divadelná Nitra, Zvizdal [Chernobyl so far, so close], brought by the Belgian company BERLIN. Students, equipped beforehand with materials for study, will watch preparatory works on stage, documentary on the theme of production, meet the authors of the production. Both of the days they will be guided by Slovak theatre critic Μartina Mašlárová, a point of the programme will be an active engagement of students on interactive lecture on the topic of theatre technologies presented by the director Patrik Lančarič. Creative workshops will be led by the stage designer Dáša Krištofovičová.

The How to Understand Theatre project purports to inspire and motivate the young, but most of all to prompt reflection on questions such as to what end theatre is necessary in our society, how and whether society can be influenced through theatre, whether scenic arts have the potential to change anything, and if they do, by what means and intentions in the context of contemporary art.

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