Association Divadelná Nitra, Slovakia together with its partners

Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, Poland
Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts, Hungary
Arts and Theatre Institute, Czech Republic
The Theatre Institute Bratislava, Slovakia
East European Performing Arts Platform, Poland
Visual and Performing Arts Centre ART CORPORATION, Belarus
Center for Cultural Projects Azart, Moldova
Theatre Union of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation


announce an open call for young theatre critics from



to take part in the V4@THEATRE CRITICS RESIDENCY 2019.


6-days creative residencyat the Divadelná Nitra International Theatre Festival 2019offers up-and-coming young theatre professionals aged 35 or under a platform for in-depth exchange about contemporary performing arts.


         27 SEPTEMBER 2019


         3 OCTOBER 2019



         31 JULY 2019


Selection process:

The project partners will nominate 2 applicants from each eligible country to the main organizer based on the selection criteria below. The Association Divadelná Nitra will select and will announce a maximum of 18 participants. The rest of nominated applicants will be substitutions.


V4@THEATRE CRITICS RESIDENCY enables participants to watch and discuss performances of the 28th edition of the Divadelná Nitra International Festival under the leadership of international lector, to meet theatre professionalsfrom Europe, and to take part in debates with artists, critics who are attending the festival. The name of the lector will be announced in July.


The participants will be also tasked to prepare and make a presentation about the current situation in the performing arts scene in their country at the public Residency talk which is part of the accompanying festival programme. After the festival, the participants are requested to publish an article which shall take the form of review about the Divadelná Nitra productions.

The preliminary programme of the festival is HERE.

The full festival programme will be published in July on www.nitrafest.sk.




Submit an application form and your professional bio in English languageto the project partner in your country:


Slovakia/ Association Divadelná Nitra / Diana Selecká / .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript)

Czech Republic/Arts and Theatre Institute / Martina Pecková Černá / .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript)

Hungary/Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts / Beáta Barda / .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript)

Poland/Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute / Edyta Zielnik / .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript)

Eastern Partnership & Western Balkans/ EEPAP / Anna Strzałkowska / .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript)

Moldova/ Center for Cultural Projects AZART / Rusanda Curca / .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript)

Belarus/ ART CORPORATION / Alexandra Danilevich / .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript)

Russia/ Theatre Union of the Russian Federation / Olga Perevezentseva / .(Pre zobrazenie tejto e-mailovej adresy musíš mať zapnutý JavaScript)




Selection criteria:    

  1. Professional theatre critics up to 35 years of age (priority will be given to applicants who already pursue their professional carriers, not students)
  2. Fluent in English (both spoken and written)
  3. Motivation letter (interested to improve his / her presentation skills, critical reflection skills, and analysis of a theatre production)
  4. Citizen of one of the countries involved in the project (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia)


The selected participants will receive:

  • The opportunity to follow the 28thedition of the Divadelná Nitra International Festival, the most important international festival in Slovakia renowned in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Tickets to all festival productions of the main programme and access to accompanying events
  • Accommodation for 6 nights including breakfast
  • Lunches during their stay at the Festival
  • Reimbursement of travel costs to Nitra (the most economical means of transport)


Supported by:

International Visegrad Fund               


Slovak Arts Council                           

Festival supported by