The jubilee 25th Divadelná Nitra ended successfully. It has been visited by 8500 spectators

The jubilee 25th year of the biggest international theatre festival in Slovakia has ended on Wednesday night with French staging Suddenly the Night which came to Divadelná Nitra from the prestigious festival in Avignon. During the 6 days long theatre festival, the audience could see the total of 16 performances – 6 exceptional stagings from Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, Iraq and Ukraine, 5 interesting works from Slovakia and 1 within the Festival Plus division.


Are you curious what will you see during the 25th jubilee year of the International Festival Divadelná Nitra from September 23 till September 28, 2016? 11 stagings from 7 countries on 4 Festival stages in the course of 6-days long theatre festival in the main program.

Divadelná Nitra will engage into its program the children of the Iraqi refugees

Their life in Iraq was threatened by war. They have decided to flee, and havefound a new home in Slovakia. 149 Christians from Assyria have moved right to Nitra and its surroundings in March this year. And the International Festival Divadelná Nitra, which will be held from 23rd to 28th September 2016, has invited them to join its program.

The jubilee Divadelná Nitra is getting started in a few days!

The productions of the 25th jubilee year of the International Festival Divadelná Nitra will talk about meeting of East and West, about a search for home, about the loneliness of contemporary man, about the heritage of the past and about conscience, but also about joy brought by art. The top European and Slovak theatres will meet in one town already from 23rd to 28th September, 2016. The spectators will be able to see during the 6-days of theatre holiday as much as 16 high-quality theatre performances on 4 Festival stages, as well as 60 events within the accompanying programme in the streets of Nitra and in various cultural institutions. The main Festival programme will offer 11 productions of renowned creators as well as new stars from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Iraq, Ukraine and Slovakia and one production within the Festival Plus. The creators from 7 countries will ask, through the unique theatre testimonies, the question Ode to Joy? which is the motto of this year´s Festival, with the subtitle(past – present – future).  

Rich accompanying program of Festival: Choose from Migrant rhapsody or extra-terrestrial gardening

Migrant rhapsody, extra-terrestrial gardening, live statues of Europe, public living room or multimedia installations in shop windows. The International Festival Divadelná Nitra, which will be held during September 23-28, 2016, will once again deliver a rich accompanying program. It will take place in various spots in Nitra – on a pedestrian mall, in the synagogue, in the library, in the gallery, on the open-air stages, on a parking lot and in the shop windows. The main activity place will be the already traditionally different square in front of the Andrej Bagar Theatre; it will be transformed into an art space as well as a pleasant relaxation zone. There will be more than 60 street performances, exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, workshops, discussions and various creative activities for parents with children under the title The Zone of Joy. The theme of the Festival: The Ode to Joy? will be heard also in music performances and in the art created specifically for the Festival.   

The artists of the V4 countries will report at Divadelná Nitra about the new Europe

Top Slovak actors, the best Czech production of the year, an Oscar-awarded Hungarian film, exceptional Polish underground, internationally appraised Ukrainian political cabaret. Already for a quarter of a century, the biggest international theatre festival in Slovakia, Divadelná Nitra, brings to its stage the top art of the V4-countries. The jubilee 25th year, held during September 23–28, 2016, will not miss on the hottest themes of our neighbors presented by famous personalities of theatre, art or film. And it will be reflected by young critics from both Middle and Eastern Europe. The theme of the Festival: Ode to Joy? (past – present – future).

Iraqi dancers touched by war. Divadelná Nitra will focus on the theme of immigration

He has run from war in the Middle East, but some of his co-workers lost their lives. Director Anmar Taha of Iraque origin will bring a suggestive production to Divadelná Nitra: Pillars of Blood. In the era of the biggest migration wave in Europe since the 2nd World War, the Slovak spectators will be able to see within the main programme also the French production Suddenly the Night which speaks in a unique form about the actual dangers of terrorism or global epidemics.

Slovak productions at Festival: About the birth of extremism as well as about the times of communism

The authors of Slovak productions will tell the spectators of the 25th jubilee year of the International Festival Divadelná Nitra, which will take place during September 23–28, 2016, about the fate of the wife of a stubborn Marxist and about a deep communism; about a woman who had been terrorizing her neighbours and about the beginning of an extremism; about the pleasure-seeking people in their thirties and about the contemporary European consumerism; but also about a small-town identity and about Slovakia.

The tickets for the jubilee 25th Divadelná Nitra are already for sale!

Theatre fans who don´t want to miss interesting productions of the jubilee 25th year of the International Festival Divadelna Nitra can start buying the tickets. 6-days theatre marathon will be held during September 23–28, 2016. The main programme will offer 11 productions from 7 countries on 4 stages and one production within the Festival Plus in a circus tent. The theme of the Festival: Ode to Joy? (past – present – future). 

Prestigious German theatre to open Divadelná Nitra 2016!

Loud appeal for peace from the Ukrainian capital, a confession of one of the major Nazi criminals, a testimony of Iraqi artists affected by the war, or a story of materialistic life of contemporary European middle class – all that and more will be brought on stage by the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra. The jubilee 25th edition will be held from 23 to 28 September 2016. Through complementary arts exhibitions and public discussions, the Festival will further ask whether Europe is capable of coming to terms with the legacy of the past, how does she face the challenges of the day and what is her future. The theme of the 2016 edition is Ode to Joy? (past – present – future). 

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