Tickets for Divadelná Nitra 2018 are already on sale!

Tickets for International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2018, which starts on September 28th and will be held till October 3rd, are available for theatre fans already. Eight foreign and five Slovak productions and performances will be presented in the main programme. The theme of the 27th year of the festival - RE will be in various forms disclosed by theatre troupes and creators from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, Lebanon and, of course, Slovakia.
Tickets are already on sale from August 6, 2018. You may purchase tickets online at in the section Theatre. Divadelná Nitra Box Office is opened from August 23, 2018 in the Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, main entrance hall (access from the Svätopluk’s Square). Working hours: Mon - Fri 14:00 – 17:00.


Association Divadelná Nitra together with its partners announce an open call for young theatre critics from BELARUS, CZECH REPUBLIC, HUNGARY, MOLDOVA, POLAND, ROMANIA, SERBIA, SLOVAKIA, UKRAINE to take part in the V4@THEATRE CRITICS RESIDENCY 2018.

Divadelná Nitra explores the possibilities of theatre and society

Eight foreign and five Slovak productions and performances will be presented in the main programme of the International Festival Divadelná Nitra 2018. The curators chose them taking into account this year's theme - RE. The 27th edition of the most important international festival of performing art in Slovakia will start on September 28th and will take place till October 3rd.

Greetings from Pohoda Festival

Empathy Black Box – installation of the A Tulip for You Project led by academic sculptor Elena Kárová, enjoys the rich attendance of Pohoda 2018 visitors! In absolute black cube, visitor can try the morning of a blind man. The project also includes a sensational walkway and a flower bed for the blind.

The Blind World in Empathy Black Box Goes to Pohoda Festival 2018

What is the feeling of not seeing and not being cool on Pohoda? Unique installation of empathy Black Box brings a shocking experience of the daily life of people without eyesight. And for the first time, they will focus on the Pohoda music festival, which will take place from 5th to 7th July at the airport in Trenčín.

In addition to concerts, discussions, and accompanying programme, visitors to the festival will be able to try something unusual. In the black space of the cube called the Black Box they are covered by the full darkness. "Visitors of the Black Box will find themselves in a different world. They will experience one morning in the dark, they try to cook tea or coffee, and spread butter on the bread. The black cube come out with a new look at the world of the blind,” describes the project author, acad. sculptor Elena Kárová. "It's a shocking experience for all, but a valuable way to bring two worlds together and to make people to be more sensitive. That is why the word of "empathy".

All roads lead to Theatre

After the May trip to the Theatertreffen, which is the most popular theatre presentation in the German language area, we live full of the Austrian Wiener Festwochen festival.

Members of Association Divadelná Nitra gave their vote!

On the last day of May, members of the Association met on the premises of Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava to summarize the activities of the Association and at the same time discussed its future. Besides, the most important issue was the election of new members of the board of directors and members of the ADN supervisory board. 

Curators of the Slovak programme will be from MLOKi

 Members of the cultural organization MLOKi participate in the organization of Divadelná Nitra 2018 with the subtitle RE. 

REvitalization of a Flower-bed for the Visually Impaired

Summer is coming and it is the best time for parks and gardens. A flower bed for visually impaired children, which was created by A Tulip for You project on the premises of Primary School for Blind and Visually Impaired Children in Bratislava on Svrčia Street, will get a new, better form on June 15, 2018. 

The young artist won in the competition for visually impaired children Joy to create

The international competition in the visual expression for visually impaired children and youth is an accompanying program of the International Children's and Youth Festival in Zlín. Under the heading of the project A TULIP FOR YOU for the third time of her participation and again successfully the 12-year-old visually impaired Veronika Bájnociová won the main prize in the competition. The expert jury was exceptionally attracted by her artistic works "Dog Lara"and "Dog Roxi". The works were created under the mentorship of the academic sculptor Elena Kárová, the founder of the project A TULIP FOR YOU, dedicated to creative integration activities forpartially sighted and blind children.

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