Divadelná Nitra 2017 will welcome 12 young European critics from the V4 countries

05.09.2017 08:09

The selection of top Slovak theatres, the most provocative Czech production after November '89, the unique performance of the Czech-Greek duo, one of the ten most important Polish performances of the year - the winner of the main prize of Zurich International Festival, as well as the Hungarian film, which achieved prizes at many foreign festivals. The V4 countries have traditionally been the strong core of the main and accompanying programme at Divadelná Nitra. Even during the upcoming 26th edition, which will take place in September 22 - 26, 2017, we won’t miss those most intriguing productions from our neighbours‘ current theatre season. And within the frame of the educational programme, young critics from Central and Eastern Europe will express their opinions about the modern situation in the cultural medium. The theme of the festival: #FUNDAMENTALS.

Divadelná Nitra will welcome more than 10 young critics from eight V4 and Eastern Partnership countries for the third time already. The seminar in Critical Reflection of V4 @ Theatre Critics Residency, as a creative platform for theatre critics aged under 35, is held with the support of the International Visegrad Fund and Slovak Art Council.

The selected members of V4 @ Theatre Critics Residency will participate as the spectators in the main programme of Divadelná Nitra 2017 and analyse it at their regular meetings under the mentorship of the French world-renowned theatre critic Patrice Pavis. The second expert lecturer, the recognized German theatre critic and curator, the former editor of a prestigious journal Theater der Zeit, Thomas Irmer, will take part by leading masterclasses and declaring during discussions.

For now the project partners have selected 12 participants. Slovakia will be represented by Barbora Forkovičova, the student of Theory and Criticism of Theatre from Academy of Performing Arts in Praha, andLucia Galdíková, doctoral student from Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, the Czech student of Theatre studies Barbora Havlová and a theatre critic of renowned Czech theatrical periodicals Kateřina Veselovská.There will be a dance critic Zsuzsanna Komjathy and a translator as well as a theatre critic Dorottya Albert from Hungary. Poland will be represented by a theatre director and critic Julia Lizurek and by a student, dance and theater critic Stanisław Godlewski. In addition to the V4 countries, Divadelná Nitra will welcome professionals from the selected Eastern Partnership countries: Ukrainian editor and journalist Olena Mygashko and a cultural manager Veronika Sklyarova, Belarusian cultural manager Hanna Kazakova and a teacher, as well as a theatre critic, Kristina Smolskaya.

"It is a fascinating experience to discuss the same production with participants from different countries", says Patrice Pavis, who has been a project mentor from the very beginning, for the third year already. "While analysing and during the interview it can be clarified, what do we, critics, have different and common - our common knowledge, views, expectations, but also different perceptions of nuances, that are not the matter of other tastes, but emerge from specific historical and political environments, in which each of us grew up and lived, "explains the French theatre expert. He believes, that a workshop is very important, because it creates a platform, that serves as a laboratory for different ways of intellectual thinking, aesthetic feeling, or methods of analysing and observing the performing arts, thus contributing to the knowledge, as well as to understanding of different cultures.

The project V4 @ Theatre Critics Residency also serves as a medium for the exchange of performing arts in the Central and Eastern Europe. Participants have to prepare a presentation about the current situation in theatres in their country and during the festival to show it on the regular public discussion during The Breakfast with...

"The combination of analytical seminars, reflecting the main programme of the festival, with the active participation of critics at meetings with artists provides space for an open discussion, that tends to go beyond the context of the festival and to meet wider socio-political theme," says a workshop coordinator and a member of the Artistic Board at Divadelná Nitra - Ján Balaj.

During the past two years and a current, the third year of the residency, Divadelná Nitra registers over 30 young theatre critics from eight countries, under the leadership of renowned personalities, who are experts in the theatre theory and criticism.  

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is held with the support of

the International Visegrad Fund and Slovak Art Council.


Arts and Theatre Institute, the Czech Republic 

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Theatre Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia

East European Performing Arts Platform, Poland

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