Divadelná Nitra welcomes artists from the Czech Republic in the project Republic 100

05.09.2018 02:09

Even the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact troops is one of the anniversaries that have accumulated this year. The invasion of troops under the Soviet command was masked by the claim of fraternal help against the planned "counter-revolution". However, it interrupted the revival process of Prague Spring, whose avant-garde was also presented by Czech and Slovak theatreandthe flowering of all forms of the theatre throughout the country.

While the memories of August 21, 1968, and the obscene years of normalization that followed evoke bitter feelings, the 100th anniversary of the establishment of a common Czechoslovak Republic should be a reason for celebration. This is why the International Festival Divadelná Nitra 2018 will offer a complete presentation of Czechtheatreas well as film in its programme.

All the works of Czech creators the festival gathered under the project REpublic 100. Divadelná Nitra, which will start on September 28th and will take place till October 3rd,has the theme RE.

"The theme RE originates in the accumulated so-called ’years with number eight’: 1848, 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968, 1989, 1998. Most of them are connected with the existence of Czechoslovakia," says director of the festival Darina Kárová. "They call for the need to look back, to think about past events, to re-evaluate the interpretation of history andour opinions.That's why REminiscence, REcapitulation, REvision... At the same time, they raise questions about our future actions, what should we do to avoid repeating mistakes of the past and cope with new challenges. That is why REstart, REvitalization, REcycling, REnaissance," she explains.

The REpublic 100 project includes five scenic works of Czechtheatres and creators, each of which is addressed not onlyto children, but also to adult audiences, and ten films programme.

In the main programme, it will be an untraditional puppet show Bohemia Lies by the Sea.The theatrehall is immersed in a special darkness that is under the sea, the stage is losing clear boundaries, and poetry spreads all over the place, and fish and octopus come to life for every spectator. The production of director Michaela Homolová offers a miraculous combination of unusual poetry, painting and music.

"The authors present spectators of all ages and experiences – the production is intended for children 6+, but the magic is also spontaneously spread among their parents and old parents, theatricians and non-theatricians – all of them enjoy the fantasy and magic of the underwater world," wrote the Czech theatre magazine Divadelní novinyafter the production was shown at the festival THEATRE Pilsen 2016. In the darkness of the hall you can see floating jellyfishes, fishes, sharks and flying whales.

Around the audienceemergesounds of the sea and actorswhisperthe sea myth and inspired verses of Radko Malý with amysterious voice. The viewer cantouch everythingor comment onanything and this opportunity was frequently used bythe smallest in Pilsen.

The production Bohemia Lies by the Sea will be presented at Divadelná Nitra by Naive Theatre, Liberec. The Naive Theatre has already hosted at the festival with their production The Little Swan Lake, which in 2011 was a part of Plus Festival. Moreover, their production About the Lamb That Fell from the Sky was shown in 2015 in the accompanying programme.

The puppet theatreis also working withthe interactive puppet installation Puppetground, which will be offered during two afternoons at Svätopluk's Square in Nitra. Engaging children into acting is not only desirable, but also necessary. The author of the concept of the theatreproject Táňa Švehlová in Puppetground offers visitors the opportunity to play their favorite fairy tale by themselves.

The performancefor the whole family resembles the baroque tradition of puppet theatres. Five original designs with different sceneryand a set of puppets change public space into an interactive park opened tothe actingand fantasy development.

In the accompanying programmeof the festival, Karol Spišák Old Theatre in Nitrawill present the production of Alone and Esmeralda. The last premiere of the past season in the theatrewas prepared by the successful young Czech opera director Linda Keprtová. The Swedish playwright Martina Montelius has shown a treasure of imagination, which can be a way outof living life bound by limitations, based on the subject of child loneliness. Alone, his old mom with a mysterious football career and the famous circus artist Esmeralda are main characters in the production. While the Alone and his father are looking for a way of mutual understanding, the real world overflows with the world of fantasy.

"The conclusion of the performance containsa strong humane message. As ifagreyimpersonal space is changing with a helpmagic wand intoa comfortable room. It is enough to containa table with a white cloth, a bouquet of roses inthe vase, and two understandingpeople – father and son," wroteatheatrecritic Marta Žilková forthe review of the performance.

The festival will be hosted bythetheatre troupe HOP - HOP Primary Art School from Ostrov with another serious themeand again with a children's story, this time even shownby children. The drama performance Run, Boy, Run will be presentedin the accompanying programme ofDivadelná Nitra 2018 in the section Young Theatre.

The director Irena Konývková with children-actors staged a bookwrittenby the Polish-Israeli author Uri Orlev. It is based on the true story of a 9-year-old boy who escapes from the WarsawGhettobefore the Holocaust, and has been hiding in forests and countryside infamilies for several years. He wouldexperience betrayal when the "rescuers"gave him up to the Nazi Gestapo, he would experiencetheheroic help,and in order to survivehe must pretend to be an orphan of the Catholic family. This work with the subtitle I Do Not Want You to RegretMe, It'sMeaningless is also looking for answers to the question of whether people's faith connects or divides, whether the admission of a person to the community is important, in what or who they believe, whether we can help a person in need, even ifhe is not one of us. At the beginning of August, she took part in the 88th edition of the Jirásek's HronovTheatre Festival.

The cult Cirk La Putyka at Divadelná Nitra 2018 will present another interpretation of the new circus. Last year, their unusual Black Black Woods belongedamong the strongest moments of the festival. The new work entitled Batacchio was created together with the Czech colleagues by Finnish director Maksim Komaro, Divadelná Nitra presents this production asa final performance beyondthe curatorial selection under the title Festival EXTRA. And that it will really be an extra "gift" for the audience of Nitra, it will be possible to convince nearly 600 spectators in the great hall of Andrej Bagar Theatrein Nitra.

The festival will also offer ten films of Czech and Slovak origin in the REpublic 100 projectin the Festival tentat Svätopluk's Square in Nitra. Among them there are documentary films such as The Lust for Power by director Tereza Nvotová, Milda by director Pavel Křemen, The Czech Way by Martin Kohout and My Unknown Soldier by director Anna Kryvenko. The shot Circus Rwanda by director Michal Vargawill be presented by Divadelná Nitra for the first time in Slovakia. Once again visitors will be able to enjoy the famous era of Czechoslovakian feature film of the 1960s.

Collaboration on the project: Institute of Documentary Film, Prague, Svět a divadlo Magazine, Czech Center, The Tatra Nitra Cinema
Support: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Central European Foundation (CEF)  

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