Most significant producions of current Slovak season in main programme of Divadelná Nitra!

14.08.2017 09:08

Divadelná Nitra has also invited Slovak productions. This year's curator of the Slovak programme, a dramaturge of the Košice Theatre Thália  Miklós Forgács, and his colleague, a director József Czajlik, have mapped interesting productions, which appeared in the current Slovak season.


War’s Unwomanly Face

Slovak Chamber Theatre Martin

direction: Marián Pecko 

The winning production of the 2017 New Drama festival WAR´S UNWOMANLY FACE, based on the unique documentary prose by the 2015 Nobel Prize laureate, Belarusian writer Svetlana Alexievich, is also presented in the list of selected production. Emotional histories and testimonies of women who took part in World War 2 as Red Army soldiers, often fighting on the front line, will come to life in this impressive performance by the outstanding actresses from the theatre in the city of Martin.

25. 9. 2017  |  18.00 – 20.50  |  Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra - Big Hall  |  BUY TICKET


Alexander Dukhnovich Theatre, Prešov 

direction:Braňo Mazúch

Ruthenian performing artists from the Alexander Dukhnovich Theatre, Prešov will bring to Nitrian spectators the drama POSSESSED, directed by Braňo Mazúch.  Dostoyevsky’s demons [Besy] are no longer the apocalyptic soldiers of anarchy and death, but the possessed who are pathologically afraid of growing up and suffer from the lack of love. They don’t pay attention to their surroundings, but things, which they desire, destroy them. Live music and passionate acting by the outstanding Ruthenian performing artists intensify the authenticity of the stage-existence of the broken souls.

24. 9. 2017  |  16.00 – 17.40  |   Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra - Studio  |  BUY TICKET
24. 9. 2017  |  20.30 – 22.10  |   Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra - Studio  |  BUY TICKET


Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra

direction: Rastislav Ballek

The new production from the Andrej Bagar Theatre repertoire is also selected to the main programme of Divadelná Nitra. Festival visitors will be able to see JÁNOŠÍKin the form of theatre visionary of Rastislav Ballek. A myth of an honest young man, who was forced to get into plunder by harsh and unfair times, and found morality in the very amorality, is part of the collective consciousness of Slovaks. Ballek’s stage becomes a melting pot of kitsch and conceptualism, trash and metaphysics, appellative–emotional acting with performative development

23. 9. 2017  |  18.00 – 19.40  |  Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra - Big Hall  |  BUY TICKET


Pôtoň Theatre, Debris Company, Med a prach, Sláva Daubnerová

project authors: Iveta  Ditte Jurčová, Michal Ditte

The main programme of Divadelná Nitra 2017 will also introduce a unique specific project of the four well-known Slovak independent theatres. Pôtoň Theatre, Debris Company, Honey and dust and Slava Daubnerová joined together to create the artistic work MIRACLES directed by Iveta Ditte Jurčová and Michal Ditte. Three kilometres, three hours, four acting troupes, four settings – a lake, a school, a church, a meadow and a magical nocturnal wandering in searching for miracles, the unique project, that will take place in Bátovce - the former royal town.

23. 9. 2017  |  21.00 – 24.00  |   Site specific - Bátovce village  |  BUY TICKET


Slovak National Theatre – Drama, Bratislava

text and direction:Jiří Havelka

The closing performance of the 26th edition of the Divadelná Nitra will be presented by one of the most outstanding production in the current season of the Slovak National Theatre – ELITES The prominent Czech playwright and director Jiří Havelka has created for Slovak National Theatre the mockingly sarcastic story of the emergence of power élites, who also rule Slovakia today. Unpleasant anecdotes about how difficult is to identify truth and lie, compromise and immorality, survival and collaboration are performed by stars from the Slovak National Theatre.

26. 9. 2017  |  19.00 – 21.15  |  Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra – Big Hall  |  BUY TICKET


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