Night will bring the wild energy of the dark street to Divadelná Nitra

15.09.2018 11:09

Three performers, one DJ, twilight and dozens of tires. All this is waiting for spectators who will visit the unique performance Night of the Portuguese company Circolando. The International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2018 will offer this production on Sunday, September 30, in the Great Hall of the Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra.

The management of the festival attributed the term REality to the production Night. Divadelná Nitra Festival has chosen the RE concept as the thematic game with the prefixes and syllables.

According to creators, night is time for outsiders. And production, in a very expressive way, is telling the story about people, who cannot or do not want to belong to the society that lives during the daytime. The types created by Portuguese artists have already resigned to find their place in society.

"The trio of outsiders encourages spectators to be silent for a while: It's night, forget for a while about time, we can dream, imagine. We are watching their nightlife, the outer and inner world which surround them, and to which the magical power of the night gives an extreme form," wrote in the festival catalogue Dáša Čiripová, one of the curator of the main programme.

Performers show huge physical power, on the border between dance and theatre, in the arena full of tires, they move almost in the dark. Viewers sit right next to them, within striking distance, and a direct mutual contact is seen on the stage.

During the whole performance André mixes the dynamic musical range live on stage and co-creates the ever-present vibe and tension of the night street. The production draws inspiration from the work of the remarkable Portuguese poet Al Berto.

A duo of creators founded Circolando in 1999, the company is set up on the premises of a former factory in Porto. They consider inter-genre connections to be the dominant feature of their work, they seek to do a dialogue between dance and theatre and, at the same time, use poetry, fine arts, music and video.

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