September 2017


9.00 – 12.00, The Regional Karol Kmeťko Library
Post Bellum SK
Public Living Room on the topic of Freedom
#memory #right #freedom
This interactive workshop prepared by the organisation Post Bellum is dedicated to human rights and especially the topic of free expression and censorship, and develops media literacy. It touches upon the problematic of censorship and auto-censorship in the era of normalisation, but also in contemporary widely- distributed internet media. Participants at the workshop will get to experience three illegal meetings during the 1980s and prepare their own samizdat. In the second section, lecturers will join them to discuss the recent history of Slovakia as well as the present state that may have ramifications for the future. As part of its activities at the festival, Post Bellum also presents an outdoor exhibition titled Stories from the 20th Century on Svätopluk Square.

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