September 2017


20. 9. – 20. 10. 2017, The Svätopluk Square
Post Bellum SK
20th Century Stories 
This outdoor exhibition presents the stories of people whose lives were marked by critical events during the 20th century. The stories of those who often live side by side with us without notice – they are our neighbours, we meet them daily at work or every Sunday at church. The exhibition was authored by Post Bellum SK, a civic association active in Slovakia since 2011 that documents stories from the 20th century.  

22. 9. – 24. 9. 2017, The Svätopluk Square 
FLK 10R-2
Nitra Memory Box; Selektor Ďuri from FONOKRU
Foil-covered polyhouses that accumulate moisture and warmth are a typical feature of the countryside in southwestern Slovakia. These phenomena are an inseparable part of biological development. An artistic duo based in Nitra working under the name VILOERIKhas symbolically transferred the polyhouse structure to the grounds of Divadelná Nitra.  The FLK 10R-2 object supports the entrance to the theatre, which the authors consider to be an integral element of the cultural development of society.
authors: Viliam Šulík, Erik Fehér

23 – 24. 9. 2017, Shopping-entertainment Centre Gallery MLYNY Nitra
Sensory Pathway
interactive zone for relaxation 

july – november 2017, public areas of the city of Nitra
Asociácia Divadelná Nitra, Juraj Novák, Richard E. Pročka
This is Art, Too
#pamäť #umenie
Interaktívna vizuálna inštalácia, ktorej cieľom je zviditeľniť značkou „Aj toto je umenie“ zabudnuté umelecké diela, sochy a budovy vo verejnom priestore mesta Nitry.
Autori projektu: Asociácia Divadelná Nitra, Juraj Novák a Richard E. Pročka 

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