A Slovak from the United States and an international dance company from Slovenia. A Slovak-Greek dance collaboration with a Czech contemporary circus ensemble, done very differently. A Polish performer with deaf actors on the topic of the hearing. A Czech TV sex symbol in an intellectual polemic on his generation. A Belgian artistic team and their documentary film from the Ukraine.

and also

A Russian classic in an updated Rusyn interpretation. A Belarussian Nobel Prize winner and her oral history of women who fought in the Great Patriotic War. A Czech director of alternative theatre at the Slovak main stage. Four independent experimental companies in a joint, site-specific project deep in the countryside. The mythical hero of a Classical verse drama in a conceptual interpretation.

Convergences – geographical, cultural, of age, of time, of style and of discipline. The added value of artworks, and also of educational programmes, workshops and discussions.

On justice, tolerance and liberty, with prestigious organisations for human rights and memory – in the library and at the square. On responsibility in schools. On friendship at the public education centre. On empathy towards the blind at the black box. With Iraqi children, graffiti on the street. With Hungarian musicians, a concert at the gallery. With a young Ukrainian theatre company, at the synagogue. On bikes, from theatre to theatre. With art, everywhere.

At base is a sharplyarticulatedposition, rigorous original theatre or an innovative interpretation of a classic. And also, authenticity as an ever-present element of metamorphosed documentarity, a way of approaching truth. A father and son who play a father and a son, an actor and carpenter who really is an actor and a carpenter, actual deaf performers, the real last inhabitants of an exclusion zone, the real stories of female soldiers...

10 plays by authors from 7 countries in the main programme +more than 40 events and 2 more countries in the accompanying programme. A packed schedule, newly introduced audience discussions after the performances. The development of forms of informal education +an international, critically reflective residency.

* What is important is conceptual fidelityto the theme #fundamentals – fundaments, fundamental principles, the essence of things, the basis.

We live in an age of extremes, in which there is too much >lust for success and pleasure, too much egoism, aggression, xenophobia too many words, too high a pace, too much noise and smog. And too little justice, respect, humility and love. † An era of the devaluation of values. We are in the middle of a conflict of opposing interests. On the one side, the defence of one’s own territories and achievements, and on the other, solidarity with “others”. National contra cosmopolitan. Openness and liberality against conservativeness and xenophobia. Civic initiatives for the protection of nature and monuments in a struggle with the power of developers and corruption. An acceleration in the progress of science and technology, but also commercialisation, globalisation, growing pragmatism and individualism. And, as an answer: a return to tradition, to communal life, to nature, to cultural heritage.

Fundamentals as a search for basic values ###. Ignored or forgotten.

#justice  #tolerance  #freedom  #peace  #homeland  #home  #family  #roots  #tradition  #identity  #nature  #memory  #honour  #respect  #trust  #faith  #courage  #loyalty  #empathy  #compassion  #virtue  #education  #authorities  #understanding  #communication  #imagination  #creativity  #art  #beauty

Welcome to the 26th International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra. We invite you to join the authors and performers in a search for fundamental values. Even if only in an interactive display – but ultimately, in yourself.


                                                                                                                      Darina Kárová

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