It may be those piled up anniversaries, our so-called ‘Years of Eight’ (1848, 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968, 1998). They produce an urge to look back, to revisit past events, to rethink our assessments of history and our attitudes (retrospective, reminiscence, recapitulation, revision). At the same time, they provoke questions about the way we want to go on, about what we have to do in order not to repeat our past mistakes and to avoid new pitfalls in the social, political, economic, ecological and private realms, in order to begin acting differently – friendlier to each other and to the environment we live in (restart, revitalisation, reconstruction, recycling).  That is how RE was conceived. As a return, a new beginning. As the theme of the 27th year of the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra. Six festival days, 13 productions in the main programme by creators
from eight different countries. And a rich accompanying programme for children and adults alike – theatre, films, concerts, exhibitions, readings, discussions, workshops – in sections including Festival For Children, Young Theatre, different_square, Agora Nitra. We will debate with important personalities, develop forms of critical reflection and informal student and children’s education. Faithful to the spirit of today, we also offer a chance to play with RE, to search for it in the various festival activities, discover its new meanings and so to take an interactive part in the theme’s circulation and the festival as a celebration of art.

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